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V. Evergarden

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Letters to a Soulmate #2

Violet Coffee


Dear Aidan,
Lately, I’ve been taking astronomy classes, and sometimes they have us answer personal questions that pertain to class. There were three questions that really had me thinking; They were, what’s your favorite season, what season is most important to your favorite time period, and do you have a favorite star. My favorite season used to be winter and you knew that but it changed. I like spring because that’s when beauty blooms and that’s when you bloomed. You were sad and angry because of Bobbie but when covid hit, it was just you and I. You became so happy and so did I, all the long phone calls at the park under the big oak tree, where I sat on a bench. Where I also spent so much time that I’d come home late and get yelled at by my mom but I wouldn’t care. Absolutely nothing could spoil my happy mood after talking to you.

What season is most important to my favorite time period. Autumn. Autumn in China for the Harvest Moon Festival is the most important, and it’s supposed to be very pretty. That would’ve been one place that I’d like to go with you. I would’ve liked to go look at the market with you and have you buy me the most outrageous trinket there, like I used to. Take you to the garden and look at all the flowers then I’d have you dance with me, like we were going to at homecoming. All the lights surrounding us, it would’ve been amazing to see but I don’t think I’ll be able to go without you. It’s a very nice fantasy though. The life we could’ve lived if you were still here.

Some people have favorite stars, some people don’t even know the name of that one star they always look at. But I don’t have a favorite star, all of them are beautiful and have a myth behind them. Sometimes though when I look at the stars, I hope you’re looking at the same one and thinking of me because I think of you and that’s all I ever think about.

I miss you, and I can’t wait until the day we meet again and you read the letters I write to you.


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