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This is a circle for parents who have lost their child to cancer. This can be specific to neuroblastoma or other childhood cancers.
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  2. 22 weeks since our son Patrick passed away from a GBM. Still greiving every single day. He is the last thing on our minds as we go to sleep and the first thing we think of when we wake up.
  3. Thank you, I received your message.
  4. Hello to all new and already existing members! Welcome. I'm sorry that the loss of a child brought you here, but at the same time, I'm glad you're here. These online grief groups have made a remarkable difference in my grief journey and I hope you'll find the same. The first question I have is "How are you doing in your grief?" This question was one that I longed for people to ask me for many years. Asking this question speaks volumes (in my opinion) because it says that 1.) I care 2.) I'm aware that your answer may make me uncomfortable, but supporting you in your grief supersedes that. I'd love to hear from all of you to know how you are doing in your grief. The second question I have is .....would anyone be interested in attending a Zoom online Grief Group meeting? I started an online group called Gone Too Soon Grief Group (for parents who have lost a child) on Facebook. We've been meeting the last Monday of every month at 7PM EST on Zoom. But you don't have to be on FB to participate. If you're interested, reply in this discussion board and we'll figure out a way to connect you Much love, hugs, prayers and peace to all of you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you Laura
  5. I’m glad you’ve joined us, but I’m sorry that circumstances brought you here. My name is Laura, and I lost my son Adam to neuroblastoma in 2004. I find these online support groups very helpful. Please reply and sharing part of your grief story.
  6. Hello and welcome to our new members. We are sorry that losing your child brought you here, but glad you’re reaching out for support. Please reply so that I know you receive this message Thank you, Laura
  7. Laura Ann

    Type of cancer?

    Is anyone able to reply to my posts? Im curious if Im managing this circle properly or people are just hesitant to respond.
  8. Topics does seem to be how we have discussion. My son had neuroblastoma. What type of cancer did your child have?

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