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It Feels Like My Ex’s Friends Screwed Me



Very frustrated and betrayed but do not want to believe the worst. But it has been a year since my ex’s suicide and his friends wanted to get the house cleaned professionally right afterwards so they could go to the house and pack everything and sell things and salvage stuff. Nothing had anything to do with me but I had to be the one to make a claim through the house, since he and I were the ones who owned it and therefore had the insurance to make a claim. I said I would, but I could not take care of the deductible. I have been strapped for finances ever since buying the car and house with my ex and have had to go through bankruptcy and just could not extend myself further.  If someone could swing the 2500 bucks, then I would be happy to make the insurance claim, since the estimate for the cleanup job by a hazardous waste and violent scene cleaning professionals, they racked up an estimate that totaled over $30k. The insurance claim settled it down to 17500. They said they could figure out the finances to take care of the deductible. So i made the claim. It has been a nightmare. Causes me so much stress and anxiety and anger and rage. 

So after a year of all this mess of fussing over the check from the insurance, who had to have it sign it over to the mortgage company who has been holding it for this whole time when really it needed to go to the cleaning company. 

Finally the check gets to the cleaning company. And now they want their deductible too they say. WTF. Are you serious? I text several people involved in the agreement to get a cleaning company. No response. It has been nearly a week now. I can understand hectic days, even a few hectic days where you can’t address someone’s concerns. But you eventually need to address them. Right??

WTF am i going to do? How could they do this? What rotten people i got myself mixed up with. And the sad thing is half of them were friends with my brother as well. Rotten stuff. I am trying not to let it get me down. But it has been hard. I have been trying to take care of myself, but i feel like I suppress a **** ton. 

Anyhow. Shitty people. Who needs em. 


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