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So i’m Trying to stay busy. Going to counseling once a week lately, trying to go out by myself at least once a week other than that as well. I’ve been trying to take better care in how i dress and make myself up for the day. The past couple outings to the grocery store, i was approached by men who wanted to engage in conversation and pursue more. It is flattering a bit, and a little startling. It has been a while since i was approached in such a manner and i thought i had aged past that time in my life. So it is startling to experience it again. 

While i was musing upon how strange the feeling was to experience again, i was hit by the thought that i hadn’t been out and about much since i had broken up with my fiancée and given him back the ring. So not having an engagement ring on any longer...that may be part of it. Nowadays it’s been a venture f only once a week at least - i go to the grocery store with my boyfriend (and lately i have been trying to go out more). 

I have been trying to get on here at least once a week and blog. I have not read much as reading posts lead me to lots of tears, but i am sure i will read more as time passes. 

These past couple of weeks i have been looking into opening a small at-home business of some kind. I have been researching influencers and watching videos and reading articles a lot lately. I’m going to try to see my folks this week, they’ve had a busy week full of appointments themselves and i’d Like to see what my grandmother has that she can spare in her sewing kit. I have been teaching myself to sew on a mini sewing machine with YouTube and it has been a journey! 

I have been experiencing some body memories lately (of being pregnant from last year) and those have been triggering too long with the general time of year of angel anniversaries. Sigh. Signing off here. Lots of light and love to all. 

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