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Loss of father- mothers new relationship


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Hi all, 

sorry first post but only just found you. 

Long story but really struggling to cope right now so will try and get it all down as short as possible. 

I lost my amazing father last April very suddenly and at a very young age of 58, he was fine that morning gone by the evening no warning nothing. 

He had been married to my mum for nearly 40 years I grew up in a very loving home with my brother as well. Although we both now have our own families we were all very close. 

My mum missed him deeply she is a very needy person, she had never paid a bill before, done banking, not sorted anything for the last year myself and my brother have dropped everything to be there for her and in hindsight not had time to grieve ourselves as have been there to hold her up. 

So 7 weeks ago she told us she was meeting a new man for a coffee it transpires now that by day 2 they had slept together, day 3 she loved him and now 7 weeks in my dads and her  house he worked himself into a grave for if I am completely honest is now on the market, as is her new loves and they are combining the money and are buying together 

my brother has not took this well although at present he does not know the worst bit that they are buying together she has not spoke to him for 6 weeks not seen any of our children since then or bothered to be completely honest as she is happy, wants to know why shouldn't we be and until we come to terms with it she is happy to continue on with her new life until we are. 

Can't sleep, feel constantly sick, my own family is missing out on me what has happened to my life :( 

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IF this helps at all--when my dad died after he and my mom were married for 54 years, my mom took up with a man MY AGE. It didn't last. We were stunned, shocked and horrified. However, we decided it was her right, her life and her choice.

I know that many researchers suggest people who have very good marriages jump suddenly into other relationships because they cannot deal with being alone and being

t's very tough to deal with all of this, but, and while this is hard, it's really her own business. She will come around to see the children and you and your brother. She's still reeling in shock. 

We will be here with you,


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