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Too painful


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I don't know how to start but Im hoping maybe this can make me feel a TINY bit less devastated. The day before yesterday my furry bestfriend died in my arms. We had the closest bond out of everyone in the family. Equally crazy over each other. He was very sick his whole life. We did everything to pro long his life. He was a 10 year old pomeranian, not like any other dog I've seen. You can take food out his mouth he wouldn't growl, so sweet .. loyal .. he had a serious heard condition and fluid started building up i his belly we just drained it and it built up within a week so we had to see a cardiologist but ours happen to leave the hospital so we had to see another one which was considered very good and experienced and basically after we brought him they caught a arithmiya in his heart by accident while doing echo and changed meds up. After we led the hospital he was in my hands on the way home and i guess his little heart couldn't take it anymore and i watched every second of it.When he flew back to the hospital he was unresposinve.. it was the most traumatizing experience of my life. Im so angry at everyone around me the stupid new hospital .. ppl who i thought would be there but left me while I'm this torn.. I don't know what to do with myself ..  i haven't ate a thing and can't even drink. Im so torn I'm going crazy, hearing other dogs bark gets me so hurt. i haven't even left the house. i feel guilty doing any thing. He was my other half, my child, my best friend. Im so heartbroken. I keep vomitting acid/liquid since i can't eat.. he died very peacefully in  my arms but feeling and hearing his last breath eats at me and drives me INSANE I'm so hurt i can't do it ..... Ive never imagined the pain of  losing your best friend in your arms.

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I am so sorry.  As a huge dog lover, I understand your loss, I've been through it and my current dog is my closest companion and dog soul mate.
It's essential that you drink water, you will dehydrate quickly which can cause you to become disoriented and fall, very serious!

Your little dog sounds so sweet, I can understand your feeling sick with grief.

Unfortunately, it's common for people to disappear when we lose someone, I don't understand it any better than you do, I just know it happens way too much.  It happened to me when my husband died.




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