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43 days today n still the same


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I lost my husband during our honeymoon. We lived together for an year and got married 10 days before the incident . I think m the only person on earth who is trying to survive such a traumatic tragic life changing crisis. He had absolutely no health issues , it was too sudden . Abdominal pain and doctors negligence , plus inadequate medical facilities in Maldives island lead to this . I am not able to explain in words my state and pain . A beautiful life and happy family ended before the beginning . I cry ,howl , look for him , feel he is out of station may be , curse myself that I couldn't help my love going in front of me helplessly . I don't know what to do , not eating , not sleeping , nothing . Family is there to take care of me but I feel all alone in the crowd . Have isolated myself from the whole world and haven't stepped out since then . Any help would be much appreciated at this time please !!

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OMG, I am so sorry!  To lose your husband on your honeymoon...there are no words!  I did hear of one other person this happened to, she spoke at a women's convention that I attended a few months after my husband died.

I hope you will make an appt. to see a grief counselor, they are esp. trained in grief and can help direct you through the maze of grief.  We need all the help we can get, esp. in this fog of grief when we can barely think, let alone know how to start with this life of ours.  

It does help to express yourself, so I'm glad you're able to write here.  Cry, vent, it's good to get it out and not bottle it up.

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