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Ideas to make keepsake voice recordings


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Hi, everyone. I am new to the group, I joined because after many numerous failed google searches, I thought I would reach out to people going through grief as well. 

Last month my best friend, sister, basically, was suddenly killed in an accident where she fell off her bicycle and was run over by a truck. She died instantly. Life has been near impossible without her. 

She left behind her four year old son, who is coping as best as you would expect a four year would. 

What I'm looking for, or asking is, we have a lot of videos of her talking and just being herself. Videos of her playing with her son, playing with my children, everything you could think of. I'm trying to find some sort of way I can get the voice from those videos and put it into a keepsake like a teddy bear, a picture frame with her picture, anything comforting so he doesn't forget her voice, and so he can turn to it when he misses her. I have no idea how to google search this or if this is even possible. I do have a tech-savvy friend who would be willing to help me if I could come up with some sort of idea first. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has this been done before? Would it be possible to do? ANY help is so much appreciated. 


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