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Lost in the Process of Grief


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We lost our daughter on December 15th, 2015, she was 16 years old.  She was the last child in the home and now I don't know what to do with myself.  I miss her so much, and parenting has been how I've defined myself.  Now, I don't know how to define myself.  How to find me again.  I'm lost in my grief and I don't know how to get out of it. Without her, life seems so... not worth it.

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finishprinces ~

i was so sorry to read your post..

i so relate to defining ourselves as a mom ~~

being a mom was always my greatest desire ~~

i, have lost  the two sons who loved me in word & deed with all their hearts ~~

i want you to know that no matter the circumstances of your loss ~~ all you think, and feel is perfectly normal for where you are at ~~

i can only share my experience.   

Ifound the second year after my losses was harder ( how can anything be harder) ~~ because it was more real ,, if that makes sense to you...

lit takes longer than people think to work thru a tramatic loss that feels like we have been killed in our body's, souls, and spirits.  

In fact I identified the first few years after my losses as the "OUTA MY MIND WITH GREIF STAGE ' ~~

it has never been the plan that parents lose their child before themselves depart from this world.

please know o care deeply and I am here if you need a knowing heart and shoulder to get all your words out ~~

i call it talk Therepy ~~~ even if you have to say the same things over & over ~~

one never recovers or even 'have closure' with a loss of a dear loved one ~~

the thing our hearts are trying to do is the figure out how to adjust to this life without them..

the statement is so true ' LOVE NEVER DIES'

one day in the far future the love you shared will be the only thing left that we can hang onto..

do not get me wrong ~~ hardly a day goes buy that ~~ my heart does not feel that twing that reminds me how much I miss my Rocky & Ronnie ~~

i miss their love, their phone calls,,,their sweet son to momma kisses ect..


just keep doing WHATEVER YOU. ,,,NOT OTHERS,,,,NEED TO DO TO SURVIVE ~~ sometimes that may even dwelling in places that are not necessarily what others may call healthy,,,

but not to worry,,,,you will move past those things when you do not need them ~~..


i have said more words that you may be able to receive..

always Ronnie & Rockys mother~~





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