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Hiya all, 

my beautiful 16yo cat tigger died unexpectedly on Monday night.  She had been making a wheezing noise for a few days but had been her normal self eating and playing.  She had only been fed and came up and sat on my knee as normal giving me kisses when all of a sudden jumped down and ran into the corner facing the wall making a really horrible noise like she couldn't breath.  My dad calmed her down while I phoned the emergency vet who told me to bring her straight in.  We got to the vets and he told me he needed to X-ray her chest and to go home and wait on his call to tell me the verdict.  My worst nightmare happened just over an hour later when he phoned to tell me she had died.  I was unable to speak to him so dad later told me that the vet reckoned she had had a massive asthma attack.  If only I had taken her to the vet when she started making the noise a few days earlier, I might have been able to save her.  My fur baby, my friend, my first pet love has gone and my heart is broken.  I feel so guilty that I wasn't able to save her or say a proper goodbye to her and that I wasn't there for her at the end. 


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I'm so sorry, Jay.  Even if she'd gotten to the vet sooner, the outcome could have been the same.  Asthma attacks can happen very quickly (I have Asthma), and it sounds like her was quite pronounced.  Even if you'd been with her, she might have been so out of it that she wouldn't have been aware of your presence.  We often come down so hard on ourselves when we lose our pet or other loved one, we think "if only" or second guess ourselves.

Your cat loved you, just as you loved her.  Try telling her what you would like to say to her.  I'm one that believes that only their physical body dies, but their spirit lives on.  Who knows but what she can hear you, there's a lot we don't know, so we don't want to limit possibilities, it's good to keep an open mind.  I do believe we'll be together again.

You are the one that made her life what it was by loving her and caring for her.  I think she has nothing but love and gratefulness to you.

I hope this helps you:


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