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I need a hand to hold through this...


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Hey everybody. I lost my beautiful baby boy over a year ago. The pain is still incomprehensible. I still can't breathe like I did before. I have no idea who I am any more. I'm confused. I'm lost. I feel so much pain. I attend therapy, counseling. I talk to people but these people have no idea the way I'm feeling. They can't imagine the pain I'm going through. Staying alive when he's not is the most difficult thing I've ever done but I can't imagine my parents feeling this too... I'm so lost and alone. I desperately need a friend. A hand to hold through this. I thought I'd give it a shot to see if maybe there's somebody who feels the same way...

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Talyott ~

P. S. 

It's RAiNiE again ~

when I saw your list I did not see the heading ~

i am a hand you can hold..

i have loss the two sons who loved me to n word and deed ~

my experience is that the 2Nd  year is eve harder if that seems possible as the loss is more read ~

Sometimes it is hard to put into words what the heart & soul feels thru the tramma of loss.

i have found that haveing a safe place to get all my thoughts and feelings out to one who has walked the same path I good talk therapy.

if is some way my words thru experience can help another along this harrowing  experience then this is the good thing that can come out of the loss of my sons if you know what I mean ~

after the suicide of my second son had I not found the suicide loss site I would not be here..

i have had not real support from anyone  but this site saved my life and I found out that all my thoughts and feelings were all perfectly normal for my abnormal loss..

and losing ones child,,no matter the circumstances  was never ment to be in the beings schem of this life..

RAiNiE ~



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Thank you RAiNiE. Yes, I didn't understand how the pain just seems to be getting worse. More real.... I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that... 

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