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Thank you, especially Dan


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Hello everyone, I am just popping in to say a big thank you for your good wishes on my son, Matt's anniversary. Thank you especially to Dan, Nicksdad who made the tribute, it was beautiful.

I do pop in from time to time and think of you all. Joining BI has been a blessing to me, I have made such a dear friend of Adamsmom, Pat, we are like lost sisters and next year, I am planning, God willing, to spend some time with Pat and her husband in Tennessee, along with my own husband, Ray. So that will be good and I am so looking forward to meeting her face to face. We have a webcam and messenger each other, but it's not the same as being there with her.

I should pop in more often, shouldn't I? - and I will.

To all the newly bereaved, this is a journey that none of us ever wanted to make but we are treading the same road,so it is a blessing when we find fellow travellers who know and understand what we are going through.

Matt died 14 years ago, which might seem a long time to some of you. Yet to us it is like yesterday and the sadness and missing is much the same. The pain has softened but the tears still flow and I would give anything to bring my son back....but I cannot, so like you all, I just take one step at a time and one day at a time because grief is a funny thing you know. When you think you have it beat, boy it comes back and flattens you down. 

Always remember that eternity is only ever a lifetime away and one day, this existence with all its hurt and pain, will be gone and in its place will be our children, waiting with smiles upon their faces and there will no longer be any separation from them but one long glorious sunrise with joy and everlasting peace.

Thank you all once again,

Gerry (aka Mattsmum, for always) x

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HI Gerry, where the heck have you been? Good to see your handsome boy again.



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