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I am starting this thread for posting pictures and Video links of the reunion, this way we can all always find the links without "paging" back through many pages of postings.

I hope where ever we meet next year  ---  more of you will join us. :) :)

Marcia   Bethany's Mom Forever :)

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DSC02864.jpgDowntown Minneapolis

DSC02791.jpg Trudi, Micheal's Mum

DSC02821.jpg Trudi's waffle! :P

DSC02843.jpgColleen, Brian's Mom ~ Marcia, Bethany's Mom & Dee, Erica Eileen's Mom

DSC02844.jpg L to R .... Marcia, Carol, Dee, Colleen, Bonnie & Trudi

DSC02839.jpg Our tree of hearts .....

DSC02754.jpg  The labyrinth that needed weeding... :(

DSC02768.jpg  Carol's favorite vino .....  yum! ;)yum!


Field trip! :cool:

DSC02724.jpg Dee and John .... lovebirds! :D

DSC02776.jpg Dee sharing Eri with Carol :)

DSC02767.jpg  We'll never tell! ;)

DSC02752.jpg  The Eye of Horus .... middle of labyrinth ( and Dee's big toe!) :D

DSC02719.jpg We ate very well! ;)

DSC02751.jpg  Dee & Trudi :P

DSC02717.jpg  Okay, we ate alot!  It was fun! ;)

DSC02739.jpg The beast and Colleen, our chauffeur.  ;)

DSC02831.jpg Trudi from Down Under ... :D

DSC02833.jpg Bonnie from Virginia  :D

DSC02830.jpg Marcia from Nevada :D

DSC02828.jpg Serious Dee from Illinois :D

DSC02834.jpg Lovely Carol from New Hampshire :D

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This is a facebook link.  You don't have to be a member to view them. However if you do join or you are a member, please ask me to be a friend. I would love it!


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