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Broken & Hurting .

Forever His x

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Forever His x

Hello . 

I have been replying to other peoples posts but thought it was time i made my own . i really wish i wasnt on a forum like this , but its "nice" to see others on here for support who are going through the same thing . 

i am 24 and he was 26 and i had been with my fiance for 6 years and we have a now 14 month old together . a month ago we lost him , wrong place at the wrong time . 

The way he loved me and our son i always used to say he wasnt human it was so powerful i didnt know how one man could give all this love , i know everyone says this ect but he truly is my soulmate , he is the center of me and the center of my life , he is my rock my best friend my lover . everything i done in life i done with him . 
i dont believe alot is perfect in this world but what we had is . i couldnt of asked more from him . he is beautiful and had a beautiful personality . and to top it all of he was mine and i was his .
we were complete because we had each other and it was just perfect when we had our little boy . 
most people our age are still out doing whatever they need to do to try and find themselves or what they want to be doing but we fount out what we wanted at such a young age when we fount each other . i felt like we were a power couple nothing could break us . i cant stop thinking about his perfect body his beautiful face and his piercing eyes and his gorgeous hair , and his smile that would make my heart go weak . 
i have so much love for my man there will never be another , you cant replace the shoes he had on his feet . i actually think he was made for me . i now have to live my whole life without him.
i know i have our son and im so grateful we had him , he looks a spitting image of his dad which breaks my heart and i have loads of support from my family but i dont have him . 
it was a tragic accident that shouldnt of happened . i dont want to hurt my self or anything like that ofcourse i dont because i have our son . but for my own personal life i dont see the point in anything anymore , i know its early and ill learn to cope with it better but i dont want to cope with it i just want him , im so lost without him and im really hurting and i dont even know what im doing anymore , dont even know why im typing all this out . id do anything to have him back and to lay in his arms . 

I just really miss and love him and want him to come back to me thats all , i just cant get it into my head . please bring him back .

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I'm so sorry. I know you are in so much pain and agony, but honestly, in time, things will get better. I know that doesn't help now, but it will. For now, just try to get through a little at a time. Cry when you need to and try your best to talk to others about your feelings. It's important not to bottle things up. 

Do you have a support system at home? Family or friends? Try to lean on them if you can. It's okay--it doesn't mean you are weak; it just means you need a little help. 

We will be here with you,


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