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Just want my family back ...!!!!

Jay lea

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My soulmate 

My whole world killed himself a week before Christmas, because of mental illness  Leaving behind our two beautiful sons am myself  We met when I wes 15 an he was 20 and we're together for 15 years did everything together ... best friends  .... I just don't no what to do now I've never been alone it's the worst part I no I have my boys but it takes all my effort to get on with things around them then as soon as there at school I don't move just sit straring or crying trying to understand all this I blame myself for not being stronger when he needed me my heart is broken for my boys havein to grow up without there amazing dad .......an getting washed an  dressed for the day seems well it doesn't seem anything Coz it doest cross my mind if am honest .... Can't live without him 

.... But have to stay for our boys 

torn an heartbroken just want my family back Xxx

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