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Hello "Indigo's"  9 years ago today I lost my most precious gift from God, My son "Stephen.  Remembering the tremendous amount of compassion, warmth and empathy that was extended to me during the following years , I had to stop by and thank each of you for the support and  love that I received. 


I cannot remember all the many who helped me but   "Dee and Sherry come readily to mind for their consistent dedication and love.


  I will always remember our daily contact and still have "Dee's assignment" where she challenged each of us   to write the article  :"If I had one more day".  I reviewed that paper today  and  I still feel the same.  I miss him more each day 


Remembering  all the Indigos who walked this painful journey with me such as Carol,  Dee, Sherry,   Trudi ,Lorri, Claudia, Betsy,Susannah, Bonnie, Marsie  and everyone else,    too many to list, you are  in my heart .

Blessing  and a peaceful  heart to each of you 


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it sure is nice to know someone remembers Moms who lost their child, children.

i am a woman who has no kids now.

at least none who truly love me in word & deed.


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