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My best friend that my fiance and I called our baby, passed away last night... She was hit by a car after my brother opened the door when I was visiting him and my mom for Christmas this week. I was not at their house at the time. I got a call from my brother telling me that i would hate him.. and he said he got my dog killed.. I immediately threw my phone on the ground and stormed out of the store I was in. We got home.. and I saw her laying there on the chair wrapped up wanting so bad go her to meet me at the door like she always does wanting so bad for that call to be a joke wanting her to wake up.. but I looked at her and I knew she was gone... I stormed out of the house slaming the door behind me.. punching a tree in complete rage hard enough that I almost broke My hand.. it was the tree or my brother... I don't want to blame him but my brain won't let me not.. he didn't know my jeda would run.. neither did i.. I don't want to play a game of whose fault it is just because it makes the pain worse. I hate myself for it as well because i could have put her in her crate when I left.. but I wanted her to be a little more comfortable while I was gone as we had been in a car traveling that day. I hate it I even debated putting her in the crate.. if i would have she would be alive.. and i would have been able to wake up to get licking my face snuggled up against me. The other hard part about all of this is telling my fiance who was also away visiting her family.. I was so histerical I couldn't talk.. I told her and now I won't see her for about a week. ..

I want Jeda back I called to her when I woke up and then began to break down because I realized what had happen last night and broke down crying...

Thank you for reading..

Jeda is in heaven

And if you don't believe in that then you will believe that Jeda is one with the force now..

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