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looking for comfort in all of the wrong places!


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It is such a beautiful Dec.1st day here on the Saskatchewan prairies.  Hard to believe no snow yet and slightly above zero temperatures for this time of year.  


In coming here and reading some of the posts lately I am so sad to see people reaching out to mediums and other such sources for comfort with the loss of a parent.  I want to make it clear that I am not judging anyone at all but just feeling sad because so many people don't know GOD or anything about Him.  Worse yet, many are quick to pay to hear the words of psychs, mediums and fortune tellers and are so against reading God's Word (the Bible) which is FREE of charge and filled with nothing but the truth.  


I want to make it very clear that I am not a Bible thumper nor a religion freak.  I am just someone who was so distraught in losing my parents and couldn't find comfort from any one or any thing else other than what God tells us in His book which I call a "love letter" to us all.  After losing my parents  I sat down day after day and read His book and not only does it line up exactly with documented history of this planet, but science also finds it to be the truth.  Yet still so many people don't want any part of what HE has to say and I find this so sad because as sad as it is to lose a parent or any other loved one, there is also some joy to feel in knowing without a doubt where our loved ones are.  


Anyway, I just wanted to share this with the hope that anyone out there is not finding comfort from friends, relatives, co-workers, or elsewhere just picks up that book and reads a bit of it now and then because you WILL find comfort.


I won't apologise if this offends anyone because I type it out of love and compassion for all who have suffered such a terrible loss.  I care about the good people here because so many of you have helped me a lot in these past couple of years.


a good day to ALL

Cindy Jane

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