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My brother died suddenly and made allot of enemies


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My brother passed away oct24 2015 he choked to death. He lost his son 1 year ago my mom had died 6 months before.

My brother had mental problems his whole life.he drank from 2am til 2 pm he used to get angry and write nasty emails make phone calls.he made allot of enemies.he also tried to help allot of down and out people.for the last year he didn't drink he just stayed in bed took his Meds and grieved for his son.

When we had his service not one of my first cousins came. My aunt made a point to tell me he was a terrible person his celebration of life her comment he never did anything good.

Although he was difficult he was still my brother. I am so hurt the lack of sympathy for our family.

We had a life time together and many memories.

I can't believe people don't realize we may not of liked his behavior we loved him.Its like its ok not to send a sympathy card or even say sorry about your brother.

It's very painful. We had a nice service for him and his kids had some closure

I think people think because he was difficult I should be glad or not sad at all.

I a very angry sad. I want to tell some people how insensitive and selfish they are

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Hi Gemini53,I'm sorry for your losses. You have every right to feel the way you do.I can sympathize I truly can.I lost my mum in July and my brother has schizophrenia so I understand well mental illness.Unfortunately a lot of people have this attitude towards anyone with a mental issue.My dad was never part of our lives but as kids we kept in contact with his mother and sisters.They are the most coldest judging asswipes I have ever come across.They pretty much shunned us for my brothers illness and I haven't spoken to any of them in over ten years.They have no idea my mum died and I wouldn't waste my breathe on them.

Tell them how you feel and that you are hurt by there actions.

Once again I am sorry for your loss and hope you find some peace.


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So sorry to hear about your loss, and the circumstances with the family. People say and do things that can really hurt each other, and with your brother's medical condition, he probably did that. But due to his issues, it should be realized that those things could happen, and perhaps was out of his control.

The bible prophesied that in "the last days there will be critical times hard to deal with, people will be lovers of themselves, not open to any agreement." (2 Tim 3:1-5) So these times will be marked by dissension, and disagreements, even within the family ranks. But the bible also promises at Rev 21:3,4 a bright future under God's New kingdom, where "Death, mourning not outcry will no longer occur, the former things will have passed away."

Can this really happen? Would you like to know more about the bright future that the bible promises? Please click on the following link:


May you find peace, and comfort.

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