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Lost contact from my online friend.


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My some online friends are better as a person than real life friends. Ever since I lost contact from my beloved friend whom I met online, I feel lost. I liked him as my friend and I thought we could communicate so well.

It so happened that he did not share other alternative contact, coz it was not very long since we had met so I just asked for other networking site contacts which he didn't use. We desperately wanted to be friends until the last day and we wished luck for each other everyday. I really cared about him like my baby, and we could understand each others feelings even before saying it.

I knew the site we were talking on was not very good and it just deletes your account without warning so I expressed my concern to him that we will lose each other, but he didn't take it seriously and the other day he had no profile there. I was a terrible feeling, I knew this was coming, and finding people there is not so easy.

I tried to find him everywhere but with no success. We even thought we wanted to meet up someday. I am heartbroken, I think I lost a good friend. I am OK most of the time but only when the memories comes back, it hurts.

Now a days it hurts even more because I just lost my baby pigeon who was everything to me.

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I have lots of online friends, and throughout the years, I've met some awesome ones that I wanted to meet but somehow never got around to it. I met them again on other sites and social media. Have you tried like a Facebook search of your friend? Did you know his real name? 


I know this is very hard... 


We will be with you,



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