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Greetings To All:


I just wanted to put a little something out here in internet land in remembrance of my beautiful cat Shadow who was put to rest today November 4, 2015 at 10am.  She was 14 years old and had developed a unbelieveably fast growing tumor under her jaw.  I buried her today after a painful immensely grief filled process at my vetenerians (sp.) office.  She had begun to have real difficulty in drinking or eating and would simply go to all the normal water sources of our home (coffee cup by our toilet, bathtub, toilet, sink, waterbowl, etc.) and just look at the water and then look back at me with a slight "meow."  I knew an agonizing gasping for life death was immenient as her throat was quickly closing off so the decision was made before the suffering started.  The best and hardest decision my life has ever had to deal with at the same time.  If you have animals please do not let them suffer when death comes knocking.  Shadow was active and attentive until she was given the sedation medication, after which she fell asleep. The next shot eased her heart to zero without as much as a flinch.  Completely painless.  Best $75 I will ever spend.


She was a ragdoll and absolutely beautiful.  A mix between a persian and a siamese with long silky off-white hair and without the smushed face persians are known for.  Ragdolls were bred with unique characteristics.  When you go to pet them they fall over to be petted and when you pick them up they just go limp, hence, like a ragdoll.  Shadow had the sweetest demeanor and could melt you with her striking blue eyes when she wanted to.  In the mornings she would chase imaginary cats in the house at lighting speed after which she would curl up for a well deserved day of sleep only to awaken for a few hours each evening so we could fill her love tank as she filled ours.  She loved her belly rubbed and as you rubbed her belly she meticulously bathed your hand.  Extreme over the top maternal traits she had.  We will miss her for a very, very long time.


I wrapped her beautiful body in brown paper lunch bags and found a tree in a huge empty lot across from our neighborhood to which to bury her.  Please do not ever wrap an animal in plastic for burial. (you know why).  Brown paper bags are best for they will return the remains back to the earth from which they came.  Thank you for your time reading this and hope that this helps someone somehow in their time of need.  It helped me.  God Bless.   11/4/2015   Shadow - Our Awesome Cat


Pics.  The night before,  After,  Final Resting Place






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I am so sorry about your loss. Your Shadow is absolutely stunning! You are so right about not letting them suffer. I had to put down my precious Bob. He was suffering so much. It was a very hard decision, but the best one I've made. 


I always wrap my fur babies in their favorite blanket. I've lost a few over the years. 


Thank you for sharing,


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