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I can only imagine the shock this must have been for you. I knew my husband was dying for a couple of years. But when it happens, it is so incomprehensible however we lose that special someone. It is normal to be flooded with all the ways he was untwined in your life. The pain is indescribable. After 11 months I keep finding things I had forgotten that we shared. I wish i could say some magic words that will help you through this. We are fortunate to have had that special love, but it hurts so much when it it snatched away. What I can tell you is that you are not alone in the pain. Your journey thru thus will be unique but understood by everyone on theirs. Time is the only thing that we have. And that also is different for everyone. Let yourself feel and do anything that you must or want. I also wrote my husband for a long time. I've sobbed inconsolably at the universe for taking him away. They say to be gentle to ourselves and I interpret that to mean do what you need to and don't let anyone tell you anything you feel is not normal. It is. Take care.

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