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I lost my Aunt


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On Feb 4th 2015 I lost my aunt who was basically like my 2nd mom I have lived with her since I was 16 I'm 21 now so I lived with her up until her passing and I had pretty much seen her every single day since I've been born.she passed away to pulamanory fibrosis and I feel really depressed and down sometimes I even have suicidal thoughts the rest of my family are nothing but pieces of **** my aunts own sister said it was a weight lifted off my brothers shoulder after she had passed I mean really who would say that? Bc my brother was also really close to her and he's been with her since hs he's 32 now also during the time she was on life support it was so overwhelming for me bc there were so many ppl in there and they were being loud and rude but of course I didnt say anything bc I didn't want drama and it was like the family that never seen her or wasn't close to her toke over I now suffer from guilt anger and sadness I just don't know what to do anymore.

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