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Loss of my beautiful cat


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Yesterday I had to put to sleep my beautiful 18 year old cat, I'm totally devastated and I can't stop crying, my heart is truly broken. I just miss her so much. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old she was such a huge part of my life, what am I going to do without her... Will this pain ever go away?? She had kidney failure and there was nothing that I could have done for her... She deteriorated so fast and was hiding her illness from me, I knew something was wrong when she had no appetite and lost so much weight, she had no energy and just wanted to sleep... But I didn't think it was too serous as she still purred when I brushed her and pat her... I thought the vet could help her.

I held her when she got her injection, I knew she didn't want to be there but neither did I... I hope that she doesn't blame me as I really wanted her to stay with me but that would be selfish and cruel of me. I know that I did the kindest thing for her but I miss her and want her back terribly.

The loss of her is just so hard, I can't stop crying and calling out for her... I miss her I love her I so want her back on my arms again.

How does one heal and stop the pain? I feel lost, she was my baby and I miss her.

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Thank you Caroline :)


I know that she is happy and free of any pain and that makes me happy. 


I still miss my beautiful girl, the pain subsides when I am at work but when I am at home I miss her still. I got a canvas print made of her (please see the picture below) and  I look at my beautiful girl, i talk to her and i cry.. The hardest is when I say goodnight to her as I know that she will not curl up next to me or purr in my ear whilst trying to get under the doona. 

I no longer look forward to getting home early after work as I know that she won’t be there… love never dies and I will love her and miss her always. I look forward to the day that i can look at her without the pain and sorrow in my heart, when her absence turns to a dull ache of love, longing and gratitude. <3

thank you for caring xxx




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