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Feeling so defeated


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I can't bear the pain at times. I couldn't stand to see my father sick yet I couldn't stand to let him go. Life is so unfair at times. It seems all the good people go so young. My father didn't deserve the hand he was dealt. He never complained. He comforted me and my sisters when it was us who should have been comforting him!!!! I want him back. I want to scream until I can't scream anymore!!!!!! I hate this!!! Each and every minute of it!!!!!!

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Hugs ... I am so sorry about the loss of your dad. I always wish that I had the words that would help bring comfort to people when they go through this kind of loss, but I don't know that any words I can say would help, so I will say a prayer asking for the Lord to give you comfort.  HE is the only one who was able to bring me comfort when I lost both of my parents in less than a year.  


My prayer for you ibarnard


May God bless you with the comfort that you so need right now. 

May He plant deep in your heart that your dear dad has been in

Heaven with HIM since his passing.  



Take care

Cindy Jane

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