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Struggling to cope.


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I'm new to this, but feeling like anything is worth a go right now.

I'm 20 years old and struggling to cope with the loss of my nan, still.

This year will mark the 7th anniversary of my nan's death. We were very close and before she became ill with cancer, I was wanting to go and live with her. Since her passing people have said the usual, "it'll become easier with time" and all the rest. I don't feel like it has become any easier, if anything, worse. Since having you little boy 2 years ago, all I can think of every night when I lay and watch him sleep is how unfair it is that my nan wasn't around to meet him and watch him grow. I cry for hours on end, to the point I make myself sick. Surely this isn't normal?

I find it extremely hard to talk about her with anyone because whenever she's mentioned, I cry. I'm an emotional person anyway but this is becoming out of hand. Short of seeing a professional, I'm not sure how else I can move forward from this.

Any help or suggestions from anyone whose been in the same sort of situation would be greatly appreciated.

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I am so very sorry about the loss of your nan. I know you sounded like you didn't want to, but I would greatly suggest that you need to seek some professional counseling or join an emotional support or grief support group.

Have you talked about how you feel with anyone? Do you have anyone to talk to? I know it's tough to talk about her, but talking is the very best way to heal. It's so necessary. And, hey, it's totally okay to cry. Don't be afraid to. 


I can tell you that I feel this way about my father. He isn't here to see my kids grow up. He would be so proud of them. But, I like to imagine he does know what's going on, and he's happier than he was. It helps me think this way. I also talk to him at times and try to sit really still and "listen" or imagine what he would say to me. 


We will be here for you,


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