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getting through the loss of a parent


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Losing both of my parents in less than a year has been the toughest thing I've been through in my life. I can really relate to all of the feelings that people have shared here ... I have felt them all.


There have been several things that have helped me get through these difficult times but the biggest thing that helps me to this day is coming to a place in my heart and mind where I want to honour my parents.  In asking myself how I can do this, it boils down to being the best person that I can be.  I work hard to be the kind of person that my parents were.  Kind, loving, caring, happy, they enjoyed life to the fullest.  


I did a lot of thinking about their qualities of character.  How they worked hard be provide for their family, how they supported my siblings and I in difficult times, how they helped others when needed, how they talked to, and treated others, how they were just really good people.


On a daily basis I try hard to be the kind of person that they were and I do this in honour of them.  Our parents leave us a legacy and that legacy is the LOVE they taught us.  LOVE for us, their children and love for others.  Not only is that LOVE a legacy, it is also a precious gift.  In seeing this, it helps me to get through those moments when my heart is heavy in missing them.


We are always going to miss our parents and there is no getting around that, but we can work with those feelings of missing them in trying to live the examples that they taught and honouring their memories in being the best people that we can be.  


Take care everyone

Cindy Jane 




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Those are wonderful words, Cindy Jane. I can't imagine how it must feel to lose two dearly loved parents in a span of 5 months--especially when you were close to both.  It must be excruciating.


Whenever I feel down--including now--I do try to think to myself: be like mom. Be efficient. Be tough. Carry on. Not least, I try my best to be generous and compassionate just like her; although that can seem very trying when you feel no one around you is giving or responding. This, of course, makes me break down all over again.


But bless you for trying to leave your parents' best legacy of love--and living up to your best potential that you know your parents would surely have appreciated.

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