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what would my parents want?


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Hello everyone


As I do laundry and pack for a vacation (1st one in a couple of years) I look back and reflect on this past 1 1/2 years.  


I lost my mom in October of 2013 and then 11 months later my dad.  It's sure been a trying time to say the least.  


My room-mate and I have been going to Arizona every winter for a month and we haven't gone in a couple of years due to all that has been going on here with my parents health and then their passing. In the previous years my parents were always so happy for me to get away on vacation after working hard all year at my job and for all of the things I did to be of help to them in their elder years.  


When I first started planning this trip I felt some guilt and some other tough emotions.  After all, a part of the joy for me was in coming home and sharing with them all that I did and saw while on vacation.  That won't be happening this time.  That being said, I know in my heart that they would be so happy that I am getting away from work, this cold Canadian weather and getting some R & R. In knowing they would be so happy that I am doing this, it takes away those guilt feelings and any other apprehensions of this trip.  


I believe that every one of our parents who we have loved would want us to carry on with life and try to find some joy in it.  They would want us to carry on with life and be the best people that we can be.  I believe that is what all parents want for their children, especially after they've left us.  


As long as I can hold on to that fact, it gets me through those really tough emotions that surface when I miss my mom and dad.  I share these thoughts for those who are going through the difficult time of losing a parent.  Through our grieving it is healing to know that our parents would want the very best for us and that means to be happy, healthy and good people.


take care everyone

Cindy Jane

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Thank you cindyjane my mum passed away on 27th December and it is the funeral tomorrow I feel so broken hearted but your words give me hope that maybe at some stage things do start to feel better and my current feeling of complete emptiness will be replaced by thoughts of my treasured memories I have of my mum rather than how I feel at the moment how will I ever get over never being able to talk to her and feel the warm comfort of her hug and her reassurance that I will always be her babe which she still used to tell me in her hospital bed even though I'm 47.

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