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Death of my Fonzy Kitty on 12/29/2014


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My new year has started off pretty rough.  I lost my best friend, Fonzy, on 12/29/2014.  He was in kidney failure, in pain, and I took him to my vet that cold & rainy Monday morning.  I'll tell you more about this later.


I got him in April of 1999 at the local animal shelter as I was going through a divorce.  He offered me so much comfort and love.  We bonded immediately.  He was such a cute kitten and he slept with me almost every night.  He even liked to get under the covers with me and I would rub his belly gently as I cuddled him near my upper chest and neck.  He purred and it made me feel so good to connect with an animal like I had never done before.  


Fonzy could not stand to be away from me when I was in the house and he met me at the front door nearly every time I got home from work.  He followed me around the house like a dog and it always made me smile.  He LOVED fried chicken and I had to share some with him every time I brought some home.  He would almost take it right out of my plate if I wasn't careful.  


Probably the thing I miss the most now is of the late evenings.  I have a habit of laying down on my couch and watching TV.  Fonzy would jump up on the opposite end of the couch, walk along its top frame all the way down the other end where my head would lay. He would gently lay across my chest, almost around my neck, and stretch out his long legs and just purr up a storm as I would gently pet him.  If I didn't move much, he would stay there all night.   How blessed I was to have such a pet in my life.  I want him back so bad that it's just killing me inside.  It's just been a little over a week, so I guess the tears are normal but there is an emptiness in me that is difficult to describe.


My Fonzy was something else.  When I would leave for work in the mornings, he would jump up on the kitchen table and tell me goodbye.  I would put my elbows on the table with my head just off of its surface and Fonzy would rub the top of his head against the top of mine and he would just purr so loud.  It was hard for me to leave him. It truly was.  I would tell him, "See you this evening buddy".  He would just lovingly stare at me as I exited the door.  


Now I have lost my precious friend.  I really miss him so very, very much.


Getting back to the visit with the vet............well, I had to put him down that horrible day.  The vet said he was suffering.  I wanted to keep him around as long as I could but that was for my own loving, yet, I guess, selfish reasons.  Mainly because I loved him so much.  The doc put him down and brought him to me in a box in the front of his office.  I had brought along a big blue towel for him to rest upon as I drove in that morning.  I cried all the way home & I dug his grave in the back yard of my country home with the tears still streaming down my face.  I took his still warm body out of that box, unfurled the towel, and kissed the top of his head.  I told him I'd see him again some day.  This has been so hard on me.  That unconditional love he gave me for almost 16 years is something I'll never forget.  I thank God for giving him to me for all those years.  


I truly feel for any of you out there who have lost a beloved pet.  I know your pain all to well.  God bless all of you.   


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Hi Jeffin

I know this is an old post of yours but i still hope you get to read it because i wanted to tell you that your Fonzy sounds like my cat who passed just yesterday. I wanted to tell you that i am really sorry. Your post could very well describe my relationship with my cat Corgan. I just had to put him down yesterday so i am quite new to this forum. I know exactly how you feel. The things you describe Fonzy doing like rubbing his head with yours, curling up on the bed or couch with you and how you didn't like to leave him hit a nerve with me. Words elude me right now but i can 100% relate to your relationship and your grief over your cat.

My cat also had kidney disease but it was a tumour that put him over the edge. He was a week past his 17th birthday. I miss him so much but I get comfort knowing i will meet up with him again, just like you and Fonzy. Anyway I hope that you have found a little bit of peace in the past few months since your loss and if not then hopefully it will come soon.

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