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Hope this helps to get through the Christmas season


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Hello everyone


I just wanted to connect and talk about the coming Christmas season that I am sure many of us have been dreading with the loss of one or both parents.


We can't help to think about what it will be like without them over the holidays because the reality is that Christmas is approaching ... and we don't have our loved one(s) with us.  

Christmas is usually one of the most precious days of the year for families and that is why it is a tough one to get through.  We have many memories of this time of year and it will be tough to think of them. 

I've done a lot of self talking to get through losing both of my parents in less than a year and it helps for me to put things into perspective.  What I've come to about Christmas is that as my parents made Christmas such a special occasion ... we celebrated Christmas every year by the family gathering for a wonderful Christmas dinner, visiting and playing board games, just being together ... they always acknowledged the true meaning of Christmas ... the birth of Christ our Saviour.  So this my 1st Christmas without a parent and I will be kind to others every chance I get.


Whether it is saying a kind word to another person or a simple act of kindness of opening a door for someone, letting someone in line at the bank or helping someone take their groceries to the car at the super market.  I find that when I take the focus off of myself and be mindful and kind to others that the heaviness of my heart lifts.  


So that is how I will get through this Christmas season.  Of course I will shed tears but they will be more healing tears than tears of sorrow.  May GOD bless us all with love and comfort during this season.


Take care my friends

Cindy Jane

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