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Lost my little sister to Alstrom syndrome


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Hey guys i came to this forum to look for some kind of comfort or answers, as i feel completely devastated.


I lost my little sister at 15 in august to her condition known as Alstrom syndrome, it basically attacks all of the organs slowly until it utimately lead to her heart failure and kidney failure. Now i just feel completely heart broken.


Me and my family were aware that she would never live until she was an old age, but it was always going to be too soon for us. She adored me and i adored her, i would always laugh with her help look after her with my mother as she needed 24hr care. She was such a happy person  who enjoyed everyday to the max, with her toys and listening to music. Although she could not talk, she could communicate through her singing songs and her happiness. I am a catholic and my faith has never been stronger, but i still miss her physically and just wish she could come back.


It just hurts me so much because of how close i was to her, she really did keep my family together, now not only is it heartbreaking because of her death, it is also heartbreaking to see my mum getting upset almost constantly, i just feel so lost, almost 6 months on and i still cry everyday, longing for the day when i will see her again as i just want to hold her and hug her :( I need some advice as to how to move on or to live a normal life again because i find myself sitting in my room most days, listening to her favourite music and getting upset.





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I am very sorry about the loss of your sister. It's only been six months, and that is just not long enough for such a profound loss in your family. You can never prepare and never be ready for any loss, no matter whether you know it's coming or not.


Can you talk to your mother? Does she talk to you about her anguish? If you two can talk about how you feel and about your sister, it may help. Talking is the best way to begin to heal.


My brother died when I was 14. I used to listen to his favorite Christmas songs and bawl my head off (He died two days before Christmas). As a family, we went through a very very rough spell, but we eventually pulled together. Your family will, too. It's going to take some time.


We will be here for you,


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