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A year today


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Today is the exact day that my boyfriend passed away from cancer last year.

It has now been a year without his presence, without his care, his comfort and love. But, I survived. And I congratulate myself on that - that I managed to go through the pain, the anger, the depression (which I know will return in varying intensity) and make it through such tough times. Timea will continue to be tough, but I've managed to get used to it now, finding happiness in the little things as he would have wanted me to. It is very rare for me to be proud of myself, what with my low self esteem.. but I feel this one year mark is worth being proud about. From something major like completing and graduating university to something like seeking help for my grief. I take pride in the little things too, even getting out of bed and having the energy to go out and do what I have to do. Things could have been so much more different if I had done otherwise, but I did not. This year was a bad year, yet with so much wise lessons. I'm looking forward to the next 365 days and my journey to becoming all that I can be. For now I hope I did you proud, Michael. I love you so very much. RIP my love ❤️

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