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Hi Everyone,


Recently I've been struggling with deciding if I should quit my job or not. My mom passed away this past spring and it has been the hardest thing to deal with.  My reasons for wanting to leave are:


*Job Stress

*Limited support from boss and co-workers

*Loss of interest in doing the job, not enjoyable

*Low pay, long hours

*Adds to my depression and sadness


I think those reasons are valid for wanting to leave a job BUT I'm scared. I'm scared of the potential outcome of me leaving. I've been applying to other jobs but no luck yet. I want to take time off to focus on taking care of myself. I've been seeing a therapist for two months now and she thinks the idea is a good one. But I'm still struggling to put my foot down and quit. I want to begin working out more, eating healthier, continuing therapy and enjoying my life. 


Has anyone been the same situation as me or something similar? What would you recommend doing? Any advice is much appreciated. 

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Do you have income or savings to live comfortably on while you are healing? Are you working with anyone for a new career solution (like an employment agency?) Will the time off make your depression worse? Will this affect your career path?


It's up to you, but definitely you should weight the pros and cons of quitting a job without another one in the wings. Let me know what you decide.



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I have a high stress job and have definitely been struggling with my performance a bit.  I am distracted, need space and not able to focus.  I have been working in my job for 26 years and at this time, need to keep it.  I am afraid that my boss will not support me for the long haul, because I feel that this is just that a long process.  I need to go back to therapy but haven't yet because it seems stressful in and of itself.  But I will need help with this - I can tell that this is a bit more than I can handle alone. 


I think it might be wise to wait a bit, unless you are financially secure for 24 months.  It can take a long time to get a job.  Maybe better to wait until another job opportunity comes your way. 


It will still be difficult because your grief work will still be there. 


I lost my son and dad in June and everything I knew is no longer, no touch, no feel, no hear no care that is how I feel..so numb all the time.


Just want to numb myself - food, working out etc...not good I know but definitely an option.

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