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Best Friend Lost


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So many people judge when they learn I met my best friend on the internet. I was 18 and joined a roleplaying group. There I met an amazing person. We got eachothers' jokes, got along perfectly. I met her the next year to attend a convention together.

From there she visited me every year for a week. She visited me from California, I lived in Georgia. She visited during a week of Halloween, my birthday. We had fun, went on ghost tours, visited tourist towns in the southeadt United States. We even went to Arkansas together.

When she told me she had breast cancer, I cried for days. I've only known people who died due to cancer, never any survivors. She had one breast removed, her doctor insisted the other was fine. She had treatments, and was eventually told her cancer was in remission. On the day she would be cancer free for a year, cancer cells were found in her blood work. It had spread to the other breast, her kidneys, and her lungs. Later, we found out it had spread to her brain when she began acting out of character. Her family didn't call to tell me she had died until days later. There were people using her for money and they thought I was one of them. She begged them to help me afford a ticket to see her. I could only afford one there, not home. They wouldn't tell me where she was.

They apologized to me, they figured out I was an actual friend too late. They said thr last thing she did was ask them when I would be coming to visit her.

I know it's been two years, but it always feels like it just happened. Especially since it's getting close to when she eould visit. Normally, she arrived on a Wednesday, this year would be October 29th.

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I am so very sorry about the loss of your best friend. I have really good Internet friends, so I do not think that is unusual. Anniversary times are always difficult to deal with. Many people try to change their routine during anniversary dates.


Have you thought about doing something really special during the time your friend would normally visit you? Perhaps you should walk/run in a special Breast Cancer fund raiser, or participate in some other special event to honor or help breast cancer victims. I'm sure she would be honored at your involvement.


We will be here for you,


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