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I am a mother of two girls. One of them is now an angel. In 2010, I was shaken to the core of my existence in the sudden death of my daughter Chelsea Fredericks age 3 from Meningococcal Meningitis. The loss of Chelsea in my life channels so much of how I live my life and what energy I put into various aspects of my life. As a coping mechanism and to understand what have happened to us I founded the Meningitis Association of South Arica, along with support of family and friends.

 Chelsea started vomiting on Wednesday afternoon. On Friday Morning, 11 June 2010(Fifa Soccer World cup day) she passed away. When I walk away from the hospital that morning after her death I wanted to know why…why Chelsea had died, why so much medical attention could do so little, why Meningitis couldn’t be stopped, how it could be prevented...and no one could answer my questions.”I felt there was no support, no one to give me the help and information. I had to go through the process by myself. Meningitis can kill in hours, and the speed at which a loved one is taken away is devastating and traumatic. It leaves its mark in other ways as well e.g. deafness, retardation and disability.

I have suffered from severe depression,where by times I couldn’t even remembered my Name but we are blessed  again with a son.Kade is now  1yr and 8 months.

Meningitis Association of South Africa(M.A.S.A) is the first and only one of its kind in South  Africa and Africa.Our organisation’s objectives are to raise funds to increase public awareness and research in order to prevent death and disability from Meningitis. Also to promote better understanding of the disease to the public at large.We became a full member of CoMo(Conferderation of  Meningitis Organisations INC.)- Globally united,regionally enabled in the fight against Meningitis


Our organisation and the Tygerberg Children hospital are in collaboration in a fundraising project to buy beds for the ICU/Neonatal Unit.One bed  with all equipment  costs+$35000.I still remembered the doctor asked us if they can transfer her to the Tygerberg Childrens Hospital or the Red Cross Childrens Hospital as they have the best specialists and paediatric doctors but unfortunately there wasn’t a bed available at both hospitals.We always wonder”what if”……


This is my story....



God Bless



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