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Living in her Shadow


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Everyday that goes by

Is the longest I've been away from you in my entire life.

The rainy weather reminds me of the time I cuddled with you in bed.

You kissed me on the forehead and said everything was going to be alright.

Now the rainy weather reminds me of the day we parted for good.

I watched you move on.

You watched me drown in puddles of my tears.

Neither of us wanted to let go.

But now I lay in this empty house.

Talking to the walls.

Looking at the ceiling.

Smelling your blanket.

Kissing your necklace goodnight.

Hoping to get a sign

Praying with all my might

That you're inside the wall

Lurking in the shadows.

Listening to my cry out to you.

But its plain to see

And very true

You're in a better place

And you're never coming back to me

No matter how much I miss you.

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Oh. That passage brought tears to my eyes. It's so sentimental but yet so painful to read. My mom passed couple months ago. I took care of her from the beginning to her last breaths. So that right there can tell you a lot about my character. I truly and dearly loved my mommy. Grieving is pretty hard for me but I know she is in a better place. She has sent me signs such as feathers to let me no she is ok and watching over me. Strange places I would find these feathers in my home. I even took pics before I touched them to save. Other things I have found or noticed that I will share eventually. They will send a sign you just gotta be more open minded. You have to pay every detail like a detective. Notice what you normally wouldn't. Tell them thank you most importantly if you do find or notice something. Because they will get discouraged if their messages aren't noticed. They may stop trying to reach out. The reason I'm saying this is because the passage that I just read stated that they were waiting for a mg from their dear one. And I'm just here to encourage that if you open your eyes wider to things that you normally wouldn't. You would be surprised what messages your loved one has been giving.,,,...


...... ....



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