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Grief - sex - relationships.


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Hello people, 


i'll try not to write a wall of text and I must say "sorry" in advance, because my english is a bit dusty.

I've been with my girl for more than 4 years and before the death of her mother everything was perfect. Almost no fights, good sex and perfect communication.

1 year ago her mother died and we have been having problems ever since. The first 4-5 months were pretty rough ofcourse and we had a lot of fights because she was always nervous. With the time the fights stopped and everything got better....everything but the sex. For the last year we have had sex maybe 8-9 times and it was always a little awkward. Most of the times when I want to have sex with her she just says "no" or says that she hasn't taken a shower or something like that.

Now, I know that time heals but I'm scared that our intimacy is almost non-existent now. I know that I shouldn't force her but not doing anything and just waiting is sometimes a bad move too. I asked her about going to a therapyst but she didn't really like the idea.

I know that this is strictly personal but has anyone had any similar experience with her/his partner? How long is too long? It might be a shitty thing to admit, but lately i've been having troubles thinking about her in a sexual way. A worse thing is that we almost never kiss anymore...like real kissing. I try to hug her all the time and be gentle but it still doesn't work...

Am I a jerk because 1 year is not enough time?


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Have you talked about this issue together? Have you expressed how you feel and how you need the intimacy? What does she say? Perhaps you should ask again for her to consider a therapist, because she may be depressed (not that I'm any kind of expert or anything).



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