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Loseing my dad


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I lost him two years ago to cancer cancer sucks I have know 7 people with cancer in the last two years and three of them lost there battles my dad and neighbor both had lung cancer that went to there brains died two weeks apart.. Any how should I feel gulity we useally go to the cemerty every so often but the other day I was starving and annoyed a tiny bit that I wanted to go see a friend that lived close to the cemetery but they weren't home I kind if didn't want to onto the cemetery the feeling was there for only a sec or to then after we got into the cemetery to my dad's grave . I was then happy that we did we watered the flowers and I am glad we did it was sopsed to rain that night but it never did .

My mom thinks I am nuts for feeling a bit gulity she's like dad knows how u were u get cranky a bit if u are hungry .

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