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Hi, I am new to this forum.  I lost my Mike suddenly ... my cpr did not work ... couldnt get him back.  We are now four weeks on from the loss of my man and trying to put the life of myself and kids back together, but it is just so hard.  Others around you get on with their lives, but I feel mine has just stopped..... feel lost, feel cheated question everything.  I know too many Dr's have told me that there was nothing I could have done, but I still feel that I missed something, if only I had put my foot down and made him see a Dr.  If only...... never faced this agony before at this level, hurts so much as I am sure you will all know who is on here.... grief is selfish I know but I don't want to be selfish.... just need to know that I am going in the right direction.... hugs x

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