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I Didn't Loss my Mom, She is Still inside me.


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My mom is still inside me. I don't let her down by letting myself down.


Yeah I cry when I am alone, and sometimes I want to shout loud at everyone who comes in front of me, even if its my wife. I never trusted anyone in this world except her. But now I have to face that I am all alone to face this world or bad and goods both.


I am sure a person reading this is looking for the similar feelings he is going through.

I am sorry for everyone's loss. I can feel so deeply how painful is it to loss your beloved ones. I lost my mother right 1 month back at the age of 56. But, I can feel her still inside me asking me not to cry for her.

I am still not out of the shock and pain I am suffering from. As me and my family members did everything they could to save her. I have been to every religion for every prayers they use to have to save my mom's life. She wanted to live happily to see us happy atleast some more time. 

Sometimes I curse myself and sometime I curse doctors as I doubt they treated her in wrong direction. But, I am left with no strength to ask for anything happened wrong when I have lost my God my mom.

I still calculate sometimes what went wrong and where we got wrong.

My heart says just leave it and fck everything happening out and wait for your own time to end but my mind says use this time to save your other beloved and yourself to help some other needy.

I have come to say that after an age of 55+ patients must avoid big operations, as their state of tolerating the operation is so weak. So there are minimal chances of recovering. But doctors do their business as they know the tricks to even earn from a dead body for few more days. We are a big sufferer for losing everything.

As a big tip, please ask your beloved ones to stay healthy and keep exercising, meditating, eating healthy food, avoiding pills (as they are a way to hospital either ways).

I think we all know whats good for our health so keep following that and help others to make a healthy environment all around.


This is all I have got from my mom inside me asking me to choose the right thing that will make her proud.

Good luck for the life you have left to help yourself and others. Keep using it more better.


Mom I will make you proud for sure before coming to you meaningless. I swear I will do every effort not to cry again.

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