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Loss of younger brother in Motorcycle Accident


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Hello All,


After much searching I came across this website. I lost my younger brother 8 months ago in a motorcycle accident. He was going straight and a school bus made a left and did not see him. He died on impact.


I feel like most people push the siblings aside and focus on the pain the parents are feeling, which I know its greater than mine, but it feels like the siblings get pushed to the side. I miss him terribly as we were very close, only 2 years apart, and he was my only sibling.


Does anyone feel this way?


I hope to gain some insight on how to deal with this loss and any advice on ways that others have coped. I can only take it day by day, but the exhaustion from dealing with my feelings hits me so hard some times its hard to get out of bed.



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Hi there,


I understand how you are feeling completely. I lost my little brother only a few months ago and feel just the same as you. That nobody seems to comprehend how it feels to lose your brother and instead only concentrate on comforting your parents in their loss.


Don't get me wrong, I agree. My mum and dad. Your mum and dad. Are suffering. I can't imaging losing a child and how that must hurt to the very core.


Still, it is awful to feel like our pain is passed over or judged not as bad as our parents. I was terribly close to my brother, much like you and losing him is a pain like no other.


I wish I could help more and give some great healing advice, but thankfully you've found this site and there are some amazing people here. Who are better at this then I.

I can and will offer a ear, if you ever want somebody to listen.


Take care of yourself. 
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss.


We are both in similar situation. My brother died last month the same exact way, a Corvette turned left in front of my brother on his motorcycle while he was going straight. My brother was also younger than me.


I am trying to do positive things to help me cope and remember my brother. I know he wouldn't want me to be sad. One of the things that I did was a community donation that will positively impact over 1,500 children at an elementary school. I know my brother would be proud to do such a thing as he too was very community oriented. 


Find something that helps you highlight the positive life of your brother. 


With much love and support,


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Hi I am also new on here trying to find anyone to relate to losing a sibling you were closer to than anyone else.

I lost my brother 3 months ago he drowned on my wedding night. Its been terrible. I have so many unknown answers and it hurts. But I constantly get "how are your parents" or "they must be doing awful" I never feel like I can tell my story my feelings to anyone... I'm so sorry for your loss contact me anytime to talk /



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Hi everyone, 

I don’t know if anyone is going to read this because the previous conversations are from 2014. Anyways, I just want to write as I cry because I am desperate. I lost my baby brother a year ago in a motorcycle accident. He was 28 years old. He made it alive to the hospital in critical condition and died minutes later.

I was the last person he spoke to over the phone before the accident. I called him and we talked for 9 minutes. After our conversation ended I texted him a picture of my baby. My baby was 7 weeks old and my brother had only met him once due to the pandemic. He texted back “An angel”15 minutes later my brother got in the accident that ended his life. 

We lost our dad when we were little. My brother was 1 and I was 6 years old. I missed my dad my whole life, and even though my brother didn’t remember him, he always told him he wished so badly our dad was alive.

My whole life I thought I knew what it felt like to lose someone so dearly to your heart. Now, that I lost my brother I can honestly say that I can’t compare the grieving of my dad and my brother. With my brother it feels a billion times more difficult.

 Even though I still have my son, my husband, my mom to look after, my half sister and my stepdad. I feel I can barely hold it together. My feel completely lost without my brother! it’s like my heart was ripped from my chest and I honestly don’t know how I am still breathing. I’m devastated it hurts to live. 

The most awful thing is that I feel so guilty. So guilty for not keeping together for my own son. I wished and prayed for my baby so badly. Before praying to have a baby, I prayed and worked on my own issues to meet the right man for me. And I did. I have an amazing husband. I had the wedding of my dreams. I have done some many things that my brother didn’t get to do. I feel guilty for not keeping it together for my mom who is destroyed to say the least. Everyone tells me to be strong for them. That my brother would want me to be happy and my baby to have a happy mama. 

I know my baby deserves to have a happy Mom and my brother would definitely want me to continue but I am just so broken it feels out of my control. I’m trying to control it but I am seriously losing my ****. I don’t know how to live without him. He was my baby brother! we shared the same story, he was my companion my whole life, and now that he is not here I wish it was me taken that day and not him. 

I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful person. I know I still have people in my life to be grateful for. These feelings come from deepest core of my heart. 
Thank you if made it this far! 


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