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Mother's Day


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Being it is Mother's Day many of us who have lost a mother will have heavy hearts today.  That is normal because we miss our dear moms.  I miss my mom every single day and I expected that today I will miss her more but I am going to let the tears flow when they come, I will cherish the good memories that pop into my head throughout this day and I will remain forever grateful for having her in my life. 


I want to wish all mothers out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! 


take care


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Hello Every one

 I need to share this with others who are deeply grieving right now.  As my dear Mother passed a few days ago, 1 day before my daughter's birthday and then here is Mother's day.

My father passed in March he was 90 and Mother was 89.  She fell and broke her hip a year ago, but with having Dementia she was in her own world, but still recognized my Father

and me, as we went daily to visit her and some times 2 times a day.  I was their care giver for 5 years having been diagnosed with MS in 2001.  Yes there were some very trying days with both

parents, daily long visits to the hospitals, on days went. Now I feel so lost, angry, hurt, number, just to mention a few. 


thanks for listening


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Hi Jilly Anna,

I am sorry. I lost my mom in late January, but it feels like just days ago especially now. Mother's day was very hard for me. Tomorrow is her birthday. It's a hard week for me.

You're experience and pain is uniquely your own because you had a unique and special relationship with your mom. Some days I'm better than others. I can only say that being aware and accepting your sadness and grief is all you can do. It's a process. I'm trying to be present in my emotions when I can be, but sometimes the rest of life's obligations distract me (sometimes I seek out distractions myself). It's good and healthy that you expressed yourself through this forum. There are going to be especially hard days and triggers that we must accept. I wish I could say more. I'm sending you a virtual hug.

I'm sorry for your pain and loss. I'm here if you need someone to listen or acknowledge you and your feelings.


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