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6 months later


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Well it's been 6 months since my mom has passed on and I wanted to come back and thank those who run this site and the people who come here to share.  I frequently come here and it helps a lot when my heart gets heavy in missing my dear sweet mom. 


I do want to say that time really is a healer.  I still miss my mom terribly but now when those tears flow, they are mostly in feeling grateful to have had her in my life.  I know that I will always miss her but I am able to feel better in knowing that she is not suffering and I believe in a much better place.  My faith has strengthened a lot since her passing and that is what really gets me through the tough moments.


The other day I came across a bag with a package of flower seeds and a list of where my mom planted each flower in the yard.  I cried like a baby when I read her meticulous notes on how she planted each flower ... how far apart ... how deep ... some in the shade ... some in the sun.  I am going to honor her memory this spring and plant those flower seeds that she has on her list and plant them as she would plant them.  I am no gardener but will give it my best shot.   I am sure that this will bring back some memories that will bring on some sadness of not having her here anymore but I just know in my heart that my mom would love that they will be planted. 


I pray for each person who comes here dealing with the loss of a parent, I pray for comfort because that is what we need.  Please take care and if you can, find little ways to honor your parent's memory. 



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