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cleaning up and trying to delete posts.


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I could not find a way to delete old posts or my old topics, but as I found out from the chat room, I could edit my previous posts.  So the topics remain, the thread remains, so I just backspaced over the whole message and just wrote "deleted."  That was the only way I could get rid of my original content.  There should be a way to delete previous posts, and threads I myself started.  If anyone knows, let me know.  I've never seen a site where you can't delete your accounts, but by the number of members you can see not one account has ever been deleted. 


In my threads, if you have a reply, and you want to edit the post and blank it all out and just write "deleted" that would not offend me at all.  The reason I went back is that I had revealed too much information that friends or family of person in question could easily identify who I was, and I don't want any further dramas to occur over this.  I don't know who she met, or who she was close to, in the 15 years after I left and her subsequent death.  I don't know what followed, and don't want to know.  With the crowd she hung out with, I doubt they would find themselves here, but you never know.  My current threads will be more sanatized, so as not to be identified.  There is a lot I still don't know and I should have been more carefull.  The chat room I can speak more freely as there isn't any record of those discussions.

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Well no, the chat room you can't speak "freely" when it includes cursing at people, belittling their grief, and generally going out of your way to show what a pathetic bratty little child you are, which is probably why you've been banned. I hear they have open admissions at romperroom.com though, FYI.  Good luck improving on that "don't-bee" thing.

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