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miss my brother


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Its been nearly 2years since i lost my brother, being run down by a train and still to his day we dont know why we never will. Feel as im never really goin to have any closure, miss him so much still cannot get my head around it all.

Hes left two beautiful boys behind 6 and 3.

Hes had epilepsy since he was 13 i know it got him dowm as it wasnt controlled very well, feel so guilty as feel as there is more i could of done for him!

Where do i go from here will i ever b able to move on!:(

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You are right--there are some things we just won't know the answers too. It will drive us crazy if we dwell on trying to find them, so we just sometimes have to let it go or move forward from trying to find that answer.

Have you thought about attending some type of grief counseling? What about a support group? Talking about your feelings is the best way to heal from your hurt. You will be able to move on--it's difficult but possible.

I lost my brother when I was young. It took awhile, but I can now remember him with fondness and happiness.

We will be here for you,


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