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Helping my husband through his grief (while coping with my own)


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My husband lost his father to pancreatic cancer last month.  They worked together, socialized together, etc, so the weight of this loss on my husband is huge, more so than it would have been had they not been so close.  There does not seem to be an aspect of his life where he does feel the loss of his father.  I was also very close to my father-in-law, and although I miss him everyday and still feel a great deal of sadness, I do not know how to comfort my husband and it is causing me a lot of pain.  He does not want to talk about it, he doesn't want to be comforted (with words, actions, anything).  Sometimes it seems like he wants to act as if everything is totally fine, and other times, doing so makes him angry and upset.  I don't know what to do or how to treat him...

I realize it's only been a month, but I feel totally lost and unsure of how to treat him.

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Itstoohard - What caught my eye in your post is that you feel your husband seems to want to act as if everything is totally fine and then gets angry....to me this is quite a normal reaction, especially for men.  If something happens in their lifes that they can't fix or control, they tend to what to pretend it isn't happening - but if others act like nothing is wrong they blow up.  All I can suggest is that you just be there for him, and on occasion mention his dad and how much you miss him or how much you think his dad would have liked something you two are doing....let your husband know that you too are dealing with emotions of loss, but realize that saying so may anger him, (not sure if what I'm posting is what I'm trying to say)....  Needless to say, it will be a bumpy road the two of you will be traveling....and it having been only one month, don't feel that there will be improvement quickly - there is no set timetable for this journey.   My heart goes out to you, and I hope you both remember to breathe deeply.  Take care!

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Itstoohard, My husband and I have been in the reverse--I suffering the loss of my son, and he suffering for me in my loss while also grieving his step-son.  It's tough.  My husband is so open to say to others that one of the most difficult challenges of his life has been to be the husband of a grieving wife.  He can't fix me, though he feels sometimes helpless that he cannot, because husbands want their wives to be ok.  I'm sure the same goes in the reverse, but the roles are different--the wife struggling because her husband's grief is crippling him in a way that he may feel ashamed for his weakness.  Husbands want to be the picture of strength and the protector of their wives.  But when broken, something snags the spirit and confuses and upsets the confidence.  I'm sure there is a lot more to it, and then it's a simple as he is just hurting deeply and missing his dad.  There is still a boy in him that has to let go of his father.  Truly, just being there for him and being patient is all you can do.  You could say to him openly that you don't know what to say or do and you are walking on eggshells, just so he knows that you care but don't know how to help.  Discerning his moods and what his reactions may be might come better with a little more time and deep observation into his personal behavior.  Pay attention even when he thinks you aren't, and maybe you can get some insight.  For the most part my husband felt helpless for quite a while, but he remained faithful to support me in whatever way he could through my worst and best of moments, and all in between.  I cherish him for that and and am so grateful, though I admit I am still working my way out of my grief.  It has been 2 years for me, but we've come a long way.  Time is a healer, and patience a virtue.  I hope and pray both will find you and give you what you need to support your husband through this terrible time of loss and mourning/grieving.  If in time things become harder, perhaps suggesting a support group or counseling may be of help..  ~Claudia

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