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Hello everyone, since my son died in what I hope was an instant way over a year and a half ago. I have tried to battle this grief on my own. I cant do it any more. I suffer fron Phantom Franki pain. Have I turned into that woman who cant let go or forgive herself for the times she was too tired to enjoy time with him?

I received that phone call no body wants to receive at 3 am after he had been dead for 4 hours and still lying in the back of the Suv. My daughter found out about the accident through facebook. I still cant understand how she managed to drag her father to the site of the accident. I was away in another country at the time. I dont know uf I am sayijng too little or not enough. Please tell me I am normall. I still feel like a bad motherr for not having died instantly the moment I heard the news. Thevtrial for the driver is still in process. I really dont want him to go to jail. Is that unnatural of me?

Sorry for going on and on

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Jesse David & Taylor Mom

Posted this on your other thread as well....


Franki's Mom,


I am sorry for the loss of your son. Grief is a long hard journey and it is important to care for yourself during this hard time.


Most of us "meet" in the Loss of an Adult Child Thread. There are moms there who have been on this forum a long time, some as long as 10 years. It is checked on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes it operates a bit more like a chat room for those who need more talk time.


Take Care,


Jesse David's Mom

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