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Help save a child from cancer


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Roman only 2 years. He was diagnosed with neuroblastoma stage 4. Little Romochka need help every one of us TODAY ! There is a fee for treatment at the clinic of the Italian Gazlinni (ISTITUTO GIANNINA GASLINI) of Genova. This clinic specializes in this kind of diseases. And the kid has a chance to recover and return to a normal childhood without pain and injections, if we succeed to raise the money in time. 

Roman second long-awaited and much-loved child . But the trouble was raided and all of a sudden in one moment everything changed. In June, 2013 the evening of the child found in the urine of blood. In the morning it was already all right , but mother , as a medical professional , did not leave the situation and analysis of urine passed by the study. White blood cell count was elevated, suggested glomerulonephritis and sent the boy to the regional hospital . Ultrasound revealed the presence of neoplasm . CT scan done and sent the child to the National Cancer Institute in Kiev for the purpose prior to the survey . 05.07.2013 Roma hospitalized in pediatric oncology research , tumor biopsy was performed . 18.07.2013 was made the first cycle of chemotherapy . 09.08.2013 We started the second round of chemotherapy . 30.08.2012 Started 3 round chemotherapy. It is not possible to live only wait , hope and faith. Swift Action ! We are in the beginning of a long path leading to the recovery of our Roman. Will it be a successful way for it depends on whether we can pay all the necessary qualified treatment with specialists in this field. Even a small financial help from each of you will give our child a chance for a speedy recovery. 





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