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There are Days


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There are Days.......

There are days that I think I'll be alright, I'll make it. Then days that it feels like my world has ended, all over again. Days that I can't find enough pictures to look at. Then days that I can't look at even one. Days that I count my blessings. Then days that seem those blessings just don't matter any more without you.

I love my home. I hate my home. Everywhere I turn, you are there. Everywhere I turn, you are gone.

There is no escape from the heartache, no escape from the yearning inside. I am warm and comforted from the precious memories. I am cold and lost from those last memories and the ones that will never be.

I am two different people now, the one before and the one after, yet only half of me is here. Holding on because I know you would want me to, yet wanting to let go to be with you.

I'm still needed here, for a little while, but so are you and you are gone.

Loving you forever.

Foggy and Grammie till the end of time.

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My love and heart are with you forever Jerry. I miss you. I love you.  The best part of me went with you.

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