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Older brother died when I was ten


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Hi, I wouldnt call myself 'new' since I've joined some time ago but I wasn't able to post until now....

I had an older brother. He was older by two years but was only a class above in school because of his learning issues. We both were not neurotypical kids but in his case it showed more- he was worse at school then I was. Insted he was more social when I couldn't talk to someone I never met before.

He got hit by a car. He died because his brain just shuted down, like computer when it overheats. All I can remember from when they told me was 'I know'. It's been seven years and I still can't real accept he's gone. And I still feel I deserved to die not him. I can't even hear a sound of car without wanting to cry. I don't know how to end this I guess i just wanted to vent a bit about this.

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